Hi, I'm


A web and software developer

1    me  :=  Person  {
2        Name:    "Arnaud GRIMBERT"
3        Likes:      []string{"CODING", "READING"}
4        Age:        time.Now().Date().Year() - 2003
5   }

About me

Hi there! My name is Arnaud, and I am a developer with a passion for coding and reading. I first discovered my interest in code during my high school years, but it wasn't until December 2020 that I decided to pursue it seriously. This was sparked by my need to create a custom Discord bot that could fulfill specific requirements for my server. Since then, I have been honing my skills as a developer and exploring various programming languages and tools.


Accueil QR Code

"Accueil QR Code" is a web application coded in Go designed to facilitate event management by using QR codes to track guest attendance. I developed it during an internship at the High Audit Authority (a French quango). The application allowed me to deepen my knowledge in Golang, JavaScript, and, of course, HTML/CSS, as well as other services such as PostgreSQL with the use of recursive queries and stored procedures, Tailwind CSS, Redis, and Docker. The source code of this application is not public, but if it becomes so, it should appear in the GitHub organization of the High Audit Authority.


AniSite is a project I created to explore React.js. It is an incomplete attempt to replicate the website Anilist.co, which allows users to find detailed information about anime/manga. This project allowed me to explore React.js and practice creating components.


My portfolio is a website built using Next.js and PostgreSQL. This is my first project built with Next.js.


FileHive is a web file manager built on Express.js that enables autoindex of a specific directory. I coded it to simplify the process of transferring files to my VPS, without the need to use an SFTP client. It transfers files over HTTP or HTTPS and has rate limiting for the login route. FileHive can be used with Nginx and Redis to optimize performance. Users can customize permissions, create and delete directories, and perform other file management tasks with ease.